About Us

Welcome to My Imperfect Agency, where modeling transcends the ordinary. Founded in 2016 by the visionary Model Terri-lee Blake, our agency is more than just a platform for talent; it's a sanctuary for aspiring individuals seeking to flourish beyond the conventional norms of the industry. Driven by Terri-lee's own journey that commenced in modeling at the tender age of 8, My Imperfect Agency was born from a deep-rooted desire to cultivate a haven where young talents aren't confined to the pages of a book but are nurtured, empowered, and safeguarded. Terri-lee intimately understands the rigors of this profession and life's challenges, making the well-being of our talents our utmost priority. At our core, we advocate for holistic wellness - championing both physical and mental health. Collaborating with trusted personal trainers, we instill the significance of exercise, not solely for physical fitness, but for mental well-being, fostering a love and comprehension of self as unique individuals. Yet, our commitment doesn't halt at physical health. My Imperfect Agency is dedicated to bolstering our talents through partnerships with mental health specialists and financial experts, drawing from personal experiences to equip them with the indispensable tools for success - not just as models, but as well-rounded individuals prepared for life's diverse landscapes. We aspire to enact change, to create a transformative impact. If you seek more than the conventional, if you yearn for a diverse array of multifaceted performers, resilient models, and astute scouts, our agency stands ready to tailor our services to meet your distinct requisites. Join us at My Imperfect Agency, where imperfections are celebrated, individuality thrives, and success is a journey crafted through comprehensive support and unwavering dedication.